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(e) the withdrawal of technical approval in the construction sector, at the initiative of the section and with the agreement of the President of the CTCPC, on the basis of the report of the section of the promoter body to the authorities responsible for controlling the market for construction products, if situations leading to this decision are found during the audit or review after the suspension; The framework agreement means that agreements have been reached on the costs that fall within the budgets and those that are not. There is a contact based on short lines. After approval of the technical approval project by the technical committee of experts, the technical opinion signed by the president of the CTPC is issued. In the event of delivery, a document attesting to the compliance of the product/process/product sets with this technical authorization, in accordance with current Romanian law, accompanied by an explicit mention of the name of this document and the corresponding regulation, must be attached to the products/product sets. The names of the technical regulations, as well as the Romanian rules to be followed when commissioning, are indicated. 4. The content of the technical notice is contained in Schedule I of regulation (EC) No. 1493/1999. 2. Technical construction agreements on construction products under the jurisdiction of several specialized sections are developed with the participation of experts from these sections. 2. Technical approval in the construction sector is valid only with the valid technical advice of the permanent technical council of the construction. c) Technical Committee No.

1 of the European Parliament and council of 17 May 1999 3 – Products/kits relating to roads, road bridges, ports and airports. extends the technical conclusion of Technical Approval No. 1 to the Regulation. 000-000/0000-0000 reported to: . . (For products in contact with drinking water, it should be stated: “On the basis of this technical extension note, the product/procedure/product group: . for the intended destination, use in contact with drinking water can only be used with the health notice or health declaration issued/issued by the National Institute of Public Health” ACCORD TECHNIQUE EGOTY: . (name and address of the technical probate authority) . . (Section 1 and section name) The mention of a technical authorization in the building in commercial correspondence, announcements or contract must indicate the number and date of its authorization. 1. The renewal of the validity of the technical notice, the modification, extension, suspension and withdrawal of technical approvals in the construction sector are listed on the lists of valid technical approvals published on the MDRAPFE website for each calendar year.

(1) The members of the technical committees are specialists who, by decision of the President of the CTPC, appoint, among the specialists proposed by the technical universities, the authorities responsible for monitoring the market for construction products, the National Institute of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, the professional organizations of the profile.

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