Call for Papers: European Sociological Association 2017, Athens, 29 August – 1 September 2017, DCSCRN sessions

The Call for Papers for the next European Sociological Association (ESA) conference has been published and is available here:

Based on excellent proposals by our members, the ESA RN08: Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network (DCSCRN) is delighted to propose fifteen (15) panels to be organised in this conference. We have copied the names of the sessions and our section of the ESA call below. Thanks for the great support and suggestions.

We look forward to meeting you in Athens and welcoming you in our sessions! Please do not hesitate to contact us ( for any questions.

Call for Papers: RN08 – Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis

Coordinator: Antti Silvast, University of Edinburgh, UK,

The purpose of the ESA RN08: Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network (DCSCRN) is to promote the study, research, and analysis of “natural”, technological, and social disasters with a view to contributing to the development of disaster-resilient European communities and preventing or mitigating the human, economic, social, cultural, and psychological effects of disasters.

The theme of this 13th ESA Conference is “(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities” – a topic that concerns our research network in particular. Contradictions of capitalism, fragmentation of solidarities, and new kinds of subjectivities are directly relevant to conflicts and crises and have been in our interest in the European context for the past number of years. Recently, the economic crisis in the Eurozone, the influx of population in the European countries, and the legal, socio-cultural, and human experiential aspects of these events have received special attention by the network. Other kinds of crises caused by climate change, “natural” disasters, technological accidents, and political conflicts with social implications are also among our key topics.

The RN08 here proposes fifteen paper sessions to be held in this ESA conference. We welcome paper proposals from people who have research, teaching and/or practical experience with the topics of the network but particularly those that engage with the conference theme, both within the European and global contexts, and with key theoretical methodological and research issues in the field of disasters, social conflicts, social crises and crisis policies or practices.

  • RN08_a: Disaster, conflict and social crisis (General Session)
  • RN08_b: The current crisis as a “window of opportunity” for remaking Europe
  • RN08_c: Gainers and losers in mass emergency situations, e.g. disasters, economic crisis, refugee crisis etc.
  • RN08_d: The new faces of terrorism in the contemporary world: victims, perpetrators, and coping strategies
  • RN08_e: The role of the mass media (conventional and social) at times of crises
  • RN08_f: Disasters, conflicts, social crises and mass emergency population movements with special reference to the Middle East refugees
  • RN08_g: Linking disaster research and conflict theory
  • RN08_h: Vulnerability in times of socio-economic crisis: recent developments, conceptual issues and innovative approaches
  • RN08_i: Emergent and informal groups in the European crises
  • RN08_j: Globalisation, liberalism and economic crisis: experiencing social disasters
  • RN08_k: Rethinking resilience paradigms in face of social and political riots
  • RN08_l: Economic crises, policy responses, and citizens’ resilience
  • RN08_m: Making infrastructure resilient: the protection of European financial and other critical infrastructures in turbulent times
  • RN06_RN08: Capital(ism) at risk? Disasters, reinsurance, and financialised solidarities (Joint Session with RN06 Critical Political Economy)
  • RN08_RN35: The European refugee crisis: information needs and information systems (Joint Session with RN35 Sociology of Migration)
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