Call for Papers: Dealing with Disasters International Conference 2012

Call for Papers

Dealing with Disasters International Conference 2012

Mobilities and Disasters – Developing a Mobilities Social Science Perspective on the Analysis of Disaster

28th-30th November
Postgraduate Institute of Management
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Following successful conferences on responses to Disaster Management since 2006, the Centre for Research into the Experience Economy (CREE) at the University of Sunderland in conjunction with Northumbria University’s Disaster and Development Centre (DDC), the University of Glamorgan and the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka invite papers for the next conference in this series. The theme for the conference is Developing a Mobilities Social Science Perspective on the Analysis of Disaster Events.

The Mobilities social science paradigm examines both the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital, and information across the world, as well as more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public and private spaces, and the travel of material things in everyday life. Recent developments in transportation and communications infrastructures, along with new social and cultural practices of mobility, present new challenges for the coordination and governance of mobilities and for the protection of mobility rights and access. This has elicited many new research methods and theories relevant for understanding the connections between diverse mobilities and immobilities (Hannam, Sheller & Urry, 2006).

The conference is directly relevant to a range of stakeholders, such as charities, non government organisations and others involved in responding to disasters as well as academic researchers. By bringing together delegates from this broad spectrum of organisations research and practice can be informed by real life experience and sharing cutting edge ideas for dealing with disasters and analysing disasters from a mobilities perspective.

Possible topics include:

  1. Environmental disasters and ensuing refugee issues
  2. Industrial disasters and the implications for transport planning
  3. Conflict as disaster and the mobility implications
  4. Relationship between disasters, travel and tourism and ensuing mobilities
  5. Globalisation, displacement and adaptation
  6. Disaster communication and mobility
  7. Securitisation and mobility

The conference is to be hosted by the Postgraduate Institute of Management, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 28th-30th November inclusive.

Please send expressions of interest and abstracts to Professor Kevin Hannam via
Marion Little, research administrator in the Faculty of Business & Law, University of
Sunderland by the 1st June 2012. Email:

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