Call for Papers: The International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan, 13-19 July, 2014


Research Committee on Sociology of Disasters, RC39

Program Coordinators:

  • Lori PEEK, Colorado State University, USA,
  • Sudha ARLIKATTI, University of North Texas, USA,

This is to draw your attention the sessions of the Research Committee RC39, Sociology of Disasters, of the International Sociological Association (ISA) to be organized in the ISA World Congress in Yokohama, Japan, 13-19 July 2014. We have copied the names of all the eighteen (18) sessions and of their conveners below. The email addresses of the conveners have also been included so that you may directly contact them for further information. To find detailed descriptions of the sessions, please visit the address

The submission of  abstracts is electronic at and should be done no later than 30 September 2013.

Our networks looks forward to many of you attending the sessions in Yokohama!

  1. Adapting to Climate Change: New Ideas and Voices by Ashutosh MOHANTY, Centre for Environment and Economic Development, India,
  2. Cities as Socio-Ecological Places: Global Risks and Local Vulnerabilities by Andrea LAMPIS, National University of Colombia, Colombia,
  3. Cultural Preservation, Memory, and Restoration in Disaster Contexts by William LOVEKAMP, Eastern Illinois University, USA,
  4. Disaster and Development Discourses, Policies, and Practices by Andrew E. COLLINS, Northumbria University, United Kingdom,; Hirokazu TATANO, Kyoto University, Japan, & Norio OKADA, Kamamoto University, Japan,
  5. Disaster Capitalism: Exploring the Political Economy of Disaster by Lee MILLER, Sam Houston State University, USA,
  6. Disaster Vulnerability, Resilience Building, and Social Marginality by Margarethe KUSENBACH, University of South Florida, USA, & Gabriela CHRISTMANN, Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Germany,
  7. Disaster Warnings by Michael LINDELL, Texas A&M University, USA,
  8. Disasters and Politics by Benigno AGUIRRE,University of Delaware, USA,
  9. From Disaster to Lessons Learned: Citizen Resilience and Government Accountability in the Aftermath of Disasters by DeMond MILLER, Rowan University, USA,
  10. Learning from History: Research into Past Disasters by Joseph SCANLON, Carleton University, Canada,
  11. Lessons Learned through Assessing Disaster Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation by Dana M. GREENE, University of North Carolina, USA,
  12. Looking for Relief: Humanitarian Aid and Volunteerism in the Aftermath of Disaster by Tricia WACHTENDORF, University of Delaware, USA,
  13. Sociological Studies and Disaster: The Challenges of Regulation by Susan STERETT, National Science Foundation, USA,
  14. The Impact of Disasters on Culture, Livelihood, and Material Goods by Michele COMPANION, University of Colorado, USA, & Susann ULLBERG, Swedish National Defence College, Sweden,
  15. What a Gender Lens Brings to Disaster Studies: Case Studies from Japan and Beyond by Elaine ENARSON, USA, & Shelley PACHOLOK, University of British Columbia, Canada,
  16. Disasters and Families by Noriko IWAI, Osaka University of Commerce, Japan, & Alice FOTHERGILL, University of Vermont, USA, (joint session of RC06 Family Research and RC39 Sociology of Disasters)
  17. Families Responses to Natural and Human-Made Disasters by DeMond S. MILLER, Rowan University, USA, & Mark HUTTER, Rowan University, USA, (joint session of RC06 Family Research and RC39 Sociology of Disasters)
  18. Organizations and Disasters by Dean PIERIDES, University of Melbourne, Australia,; Joe DEVILLE, Goldsmiths University of London, United Kingdom, & Avi KIRSCHENBAUM, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, (joint session of RC17 Sociology of Organizations and RC39 Sociology of Disasters)

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