Conference announcements from fellow ESA RNs

Dear members and colleagues of the DCSCRN,

A number of our follow research network in ESA are arranging midterm conferences – just as we are in the research network on Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis.

Please learn more about the interim arrangements among the other networks on the links below:


RN6 on Critical Political Economy is arranging the conference: ‘The “Critical” in “Critical Political Economy”’


RN 9 on Economic Sociology is arranging the conference: ‘Embeddedness and Beyond. Do Sociological Theories Meet Economic Realities’


RN17 on Work, Employment and Industrial Relations is arranging the conference: ‘Challenges for Public and Private Sector Industrial Relations and Unions in times of Crisis and Austerity’


RN 31 on Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism is arranging the conference: ‘Economic crisis, racism and Antisemitism in Europe’,-racism-and-antisemitism.html


It is our hope that you will forward and distribute these CfP’s to your colleagues, just as the ESA members of the other network have distributed our call for paper among their colleagues and network.

On behalf of the Coordinating Committee in RN8 ‘Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network’

Best regards from

Nina Blom Andersen, Vice Coordinator

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