Conference Invitation & Call for Papers: Household Resilience and Crisis in Europe

Final scientific conference of the project “RESCuE”


Since 2008, Europe has been shaken by an ongoing economic crisis that has exposed the weaknesses of poverty research, antipoverty policies and the activation paradigm. The crisis has then led to increasing poverty in several European countries significantly threatening social cohesion in the most directly affected countries and solidarity within the European Union. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that when populations are exposed to critical social, economic and cultural changes, some individuals or families are able to survive better than others – even though they experience the same living conditions – developing forms of resilience which protect them better from suffering and harm, and support sustainable patterns of coping and adaption. The interest in crisis, hardship and resilience is currently even more important under the new conditions of increased refugee flows, alongside forces of political disintegration within the EU.

Resilience, especially when applied to empirical social sciences and studies of socioeconomic crises and poverty, is a relatively new concept that will benefit from indepth debate on its theoretical, conceptual, operational and empirical elements. This conference will focus on theoretical considerations and empirical findings on issues including resilience, migration and refugees, community and urban resilience, resilient practices of low-income, working-poor, unemployed and other vulnerable persons and households, in addition to serving as a platform to disseminate the findings from the RESCuE-project, showing socioeconomic and cultural practices of resilient families under adverse conditions in nine European countries. We also welcome other contributions such as ecological aspects of resilience and collective resilience to public violence.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote presentations will be given by the following renowned scientists:

  • Jutta Allmendinger, President of the Berlin Social Science Centre (agreed)
  • Peter Ester, Professor of Sociology, Rotterdam University, Member of the Dutch Senate (requested)
  • Markus Promberger, Coordinator of the RESCuE-project (agreed)

Conference Fee, Registration and Submission

The conference is open to scholars from all academic disciplines interested in the topic. There is no conference fee, but the conference hosting capacities are limited.

Therefore, please register for the conference as soon as possible at before November 15th at the latest, shortly outlining your interest on the topic.

Preference will be given to participants who will not only attend the conference but are also willing to contribute a relevant presentation. If you wish to do so, please submit an abstract of no more than 150 words by October 17th to Abstracts will be subject to peer review. The best abstracts will be rewarded with a travel support grant up to € 300 each.


Website of the RESCuE-project:

Website of the Institute for Employment Research:

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