Fees and paying

  • ESA non-members: 100 Euros for non-students and 50 Euros for students.
  • ESA members: 80 Euros for non-students and 40 Euros for students.

The fees will cover two lunches, one supper and the conference bag. Both paper presenters and attendees are expected to pay and register no later than 30 June 2012.

Depending upon date of request, some assistance for the payment of the registration fees may be available on site (cash refund) for session presenters from debt-ridden EU countries (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Baltic States).

For security reasons, the Coordinating Committee of the DCSCRN decided to rely only on bank transfers for the payment of the registration fees. To expedite the transfers the Organizing Committee decided to use an institutional account, and specifically the “Special Research Account” of the collaborating Aegean University (See below). Please remember to include the following message in your bank transaction: EUDECSIM. Following the bank transfer, the conferees are expected to also send a copy of the transaction to the Secretariat of the interim conference, Dr. Nicholas Petropoulos, either by e-mail (erc@otenet.gr) or by FAX (+30210 8237759), in order for us to achieve better coordination and programming.  

Those who will be funded by institutions, and need an invoice or a receipt to justify their expenditures, should inform the secretariat (above e-mail) from one day to a week before they make the bank transfer, since invoices and receipts are issued only on the day that the Special Research Account receives the bank transfer.

  • Name of Bank: ALPHA BANK, 15 Acti Kountouriotou Street, Mytilene, Lesvos.
  • Account number: 014 601 002001000326
  • IBAN: GR68 0140 6010 6010 0200 1000 326
  • Message in your transaction: EUDECSIM

A note on cancellations and refunds: There is no charge, either by the Special Research Account or by the Secretariat of the Conference, and the payment will be returned in full to the payees. Nonetheless, if one cancels, he/she should inform the Secretariat as soon as possible so that we can take this into account in the printing of conference materials.

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