Message from the new coordinator Murat Balamir

Murat Balamir


Dear Members, Colleagues and Followers of the Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network,

As Susann Ullberg terminated her most successful four years in carrying out the task of coordination of the Research Network, I have been elected as the new coordinator; Many thanks for the confidence.

Our meetings in Geneva have been most gratifying as new areas of research were exposed, and highly relevant horizons were explored in the presentations. We intend to convey and share the contents through our website and the Newsletter.

Among primary responsibilities of a coordinator are perhaps the organization of efforts to facilitate relations between members, improvements in flows of information, extension of the membership spectrum, and consolidation of the network within the larger framework of ESA.

Development of a rostrum where members have the opportunity to know about each other, their respective current research activities, and exchange ideas and information could be an immediate target for the DCSCRN. We would like to enable and encourage members to reach each other without constraints or need of consent. The website and the newsletter are only to empower and complement this network of relations.

Extension of membership in numbers and kind will serve to enrich the activities of the Network. The Geneva decision to expand the scope of the Network by incorporating the concept of ‘conflict’ in the title was a step in this direction. Collective forms of violent or non-violent conflicts are undeniably part of our social reality proliferating in kind and intensity that demand careful scientific analyses. Understanding of apparent and latent causes, processes and stages, objectives, parties and legal contexts involved, discourses of social conflicts, and the dynamics of violent-conflict transformation is perhaps more of an imperative today. As population increases, natural resources become limited, the societies become more multicultural, and with improved access to information social groups become more conscious of their human rights for fair standards of living, conflicts are to propagate.

As a research network, we must also be perceptive of the international and national bodies, academic and research institutions active in our areas of interest, which have significantly multiplied in the recent decade. We have to devise methods of introducing the objectives and activities of the Network both to establish institutional relations, and increase the number of individual full members.

Financial support of ESA will be available for DCSCRN in proportion to the relative number of our full members. We have to convince more of our friends therefore to become regular members. This should provide access to funding, allow us to plan for interim meetings, support various efforts of our members, meet costs of running the web site and newsletter, produce publications, etc. Statistics on the status and number of individuals affiliated with DCSCRN will be frequently given in our newsletter.

Having learned from her skillful management of the Network over the years, I hope to keep the standards Susann has set, and thank her again for all the valuable contributions. The responsibilities I have acquired could only be fulfilled with the efficient support of Nina Blom-Andersen, Antti Silvast, the kind guidance of Coordinating Committee, and the wisdom of our founder advisors.

Murat Balamir

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