DCSCRN Electronic Newsletter

VOL. 16, N°. 55, DECEMBER 2014 – MARCH 2015                                                                                            Back to front page


This is the periodic electronic newsletter of the Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network (DCSCRN). The purpose of the DCSCRN is to promote the study, research and analysis of “natural”, “technological” and “social” disasters with a view to contributing to the development of disaster resilient European communities, and preventing or mitigating the human, economic, social, cultural and psychological effects of crises and disasters.

The DCSCRN Electronic Newsletter is published three times a year (April, August, December). The previously published newsletters are downloadable at the network’s webpage: http://www.dcscrn.org.

Announcements of conferences, book, film, and CDROM reviews, reportage on conferences, disaster diaries, brief articles on best or worst practices in disaster prevention and recovery, commentaries on disasters and crises, human interest stories relevant to disasters, etc. should be sent electronically to the editor, Antti Silvast (dscrn.news@gmail.com) no later than the first of the month of publication. Contributions to the newsletter should preferably be written in a concise format (½-1 page long maximum) in order to make reading comprehensive albeit focused. Ideas should be referenced (Author, year), but there is no need for a complete reference list.

Relevant contributions from the field of disaster, conflict and crisis research, as well as from applied disaster, conflict and crisis management practice, are most welcome!

All “signed” texts express the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the coordinators, the editor or of the DCSCRN.

Nina Blom Andersen, DCSCRN Coordinator

Antti Silvast, DCSCRN Vice Coordinator and E-Newsletter Editor

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