The Second ISA Forum of Sociology: Social justice and democratization

The second interim forum of the International Sociological Association (ISA) will be organized in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 2012. The submission of abstracts happens online in English, French or Spanish and is open until 15 December 2011. Please go to the forum’s homepage to find research committees, thematic groups and working groups that deal with ethno-national conflict, climate change, natural disasters, the financial crisis, environmental problems, risk and uncertainty and more. Here is the event’s description:

The times in which we live call on sociologists to engage in research that strengthens links between our discipline and the public sphere. The Second ISA Forum is devoted to “Social Justice and Democratization” and will take place August 1-4, 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will provide an array of opportunities for a global dialogue about transformative change.


  • The most important objective of the Forum is to provide a meeting place for the various Research Committees, Working Groups, and Thematic Groups. Organizers will be provided as much flexibility as possible in designing their respective programs within the scheduled time slots.
  • The second objective is to develop a socially significant theme involving public actors and to which different areas of sociology can contribute. Social Justice and Democratization, the selected theme for the 2012 Forum, offers RCs, WGs and TGs the opportunity to learn from public actors as well as contributing to the Forum’s main theme.
  • The third objective is to hold the interim Research Council Business Meeting attended by the Delegates from all Research Committees.

The Vice-President of the Research Council and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) assume responsibility for preparing the scientific program. Planning and preparations are underway.

The Forum provides not only an excellent venue for the different Research Committees and groups to hold their respective interim meetings but also an important opportunity to foster greater synergies between research committees as well as among the research committees, working groups and national associations. The discussions and dialogues should provide the basis for collaborative and comparative research projects.

The Forum promises to be a lively occasion for considering the challenges to and possibilities for promoting social justice and democratization in the 21st century.

I look forward to a second exciting Forum of Sociology!

Margaret Abraham
ISA Vice-President, Research Council
ISA Forum President

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