Call for papers: ESA 2019 DCSCRN sessions


20-23 August 2019


RN08 – Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis
Coordinators: Antti Silvast, Durham University, UK, antti.e.silvast[at]
Eugenia Petropoulou, University of Crete, Rethymno, Greece, petrope[at]

Deadline: 1 February 2019

The RN08 Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis Research Network (DCSCRN) is interested in promoting the study, research, and analysis of “natural”, technological, and social disasters with a view to contributing to the development of disaster-resilient European communities and preventing or mitigating the human, economic, social, cultural, and psychological effects of disasters. The DCSCRN aims to explore the various social, environmental, demographic and economic impacts of natural and technological disasters, international and domestic conflicts and social crises (e.g. climate change, earthquakes, heat waves, forest fires, floods, epidemics, volcanic eruptions, critical infrastructure risks, nuclear and industrial accidents, wars, terrorism, economic crises, refugee crises, new patterns of mass migration, poverty, food security crises) upon societies. The RN08 DCSCRN is also interested in the inter-relationship among the various types of disasters and crises – especially with regard to the impact of disasters, conflicts and crises on the environment, humans and socio-cultural systems. Last but not least, RN08 DCSCRN will give special weight to papers dealing with the building of EU capacities and the developing of new practices for the more effective prevention and management of trans-boundary disasters, conflicts and crises. 

As of now, you can submit your abstract to our sessions for the 14th ESA Conference in Manchester, 20-23 August 2019.

To submit, please access ConfTool 2019 here:

We will also host one joint session in this conference together with RN12 and RN22:

JS_RN08_RN12_RN22: “Building EU Capacities for the Governance, Management, and Prevention of Transboundary Disasters, Threats and Risks” (Joint session with RN12 Environment & Society and RN22 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty)

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