Collective Agreement 1 Of 2020 Annexure A

This collective agreement is a response to concerns about the safety of high-risk and vulnerable educators in Covid-19. The agreement is intended to grant a concession to educators employed under the Employment of Educators Act 1998 (Law 76, 1998) (EEA) who suffer from underlying diseases or are 60 years of age or older. OHCHR responded to frequently asked questions about collective agreement 1 of 2020: concession procedures for comorbid employees (COVID-19). Below is an excerpt from the responses to the main concerns of the agreement. If there is no agreement on this file or if the work application is not approved at home, the appeal procedure is activated in Chapter G of the “Staff Management” document. On 1 June, South Africa moved to level 3 of the economic blockade. The education sector is one of the sectors that returned to employment at Level 3 of the closure, with schools gradually reopened from 8 June 2020. Concessions under collective agreement 1 2020 apply only for the duration of the Member State`s alert levels 3 and 2 in the event of a disaster following COVID-19. On 30 May 2020, the Labour Education Relations Council (ELRC) published Collective Agreement 1 of 2020: a concession process for comorbid employees (COVID-19).

> priority demands for collective bargaining in South Africa . . . . The ELRC is a bargaining council that serves the public education sector in South Africa, both provincially and nationally. The parties to the ELRC are the State and trade unions, including the Democratic Trade Union of South Africa (SADTU), CTU-ATU, National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA), Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie (SAOU), National Teachers Union (NATU), Professional Eators Union (PEU), Public Servants Association (PSA) and Other Service Personnel Union of Southern Africa. Compensation / Basic salary / Salary and contribution s. In Division 102 – East London, Port Alfred and all the Magisterial Districts of the Eastern Cape Province (without Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Humansdorp) Yes, you can. As long as your doctor can provide medical evidence that your condition falls within the category of comorbidities defined by the Ministry of Health, regardless of your age. . Compensation /Basic Salary / Wages and Contributions Plan in Division 107 – as a province of the free state After downloading, you go to the selected directory and click again with the right button on the file. Select the “Open with” option and select “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer” Compensation /Basic Salary /Salary and Contribution Plan in Division 101 – as Gauteng Province without the Magisterial districts of Alberton, Pretoria, Wonderboom, Bronkhorstspruit (Kungwini) and Cullinan .

You should not stay or work without permission from home if you are 60 years of age or older, without comorbidities, but worried about your health. To obtain the required authorization, please close Schedule A and contact the Ministry of National Education. . After opening the file, use the two blue “next page” arrows in the lower/middle part of the page to flip through the document, not the “Next Image” “No” arrows. This is not a request for leave, but an application for a concession for work at home or in a safe work environment without risk to the health of workers.

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