ESA 2001 Helsinki Abstracts

SESSION I. Wednesday 29.8./9:00-10:30. Disaster Research and Management: New Sociological and Other Perspectives
Paper 1: “Disasters, epidemics, terrorism and other calamities: resurrecting Simmel’s form and content”
Paper 2: “Pre-disaster situation: towards the prevention of hazards(a comparative survey in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania)”
Paper 3: “Re-examining the theory of collective stress”
Paper 4: “The influence of collective behavior on social research and vice versa”
Paper 5: “Assessing resilience and vulnerability: a radical paradigm for disaster management”
Discussant: Elke M. Geenen

SESSION II. Wednesday 29.8.01/16:30-18:30. Deconstructing Disaster Management: Beyond the Command and Control Model
Paper 1: “Disaster policies and social organization”
Paper 2: “The organization of chaos: the structure of disaster management”
Paper 3: “The case for deconstructing the command and control model”
Paper 4: “Disaster management and the role of community in a post-modern age”
Paper 5: “New models for managing disasters”
Paper 6: “Holistic eco-developmental framework for building local skills and capacity and reducing vulnerability of traditional rural settlements against earthquakes in South Asia”

SESSION III. Thursday 30.8/9:00-10:30 Global Economics, Transitional Economies, Social Crisis and Disasters
Paper 1: “The resurrection of Marxist economics in the age of globalization”
Paper 2: “South-eastern Europe after 1989: refutation of capitalism economic myth”
Paper 3: “Catastrophic consciousness in contemporary post soviet countries”Paper 4: “What’s the direction of social attitudes developing in modern Russia?”
Paper 5: “The dark side of the economy in transition: the study of economic crime problems in the Ukraine”
Paper 6: “Social transformation and the rise of uncertainty”
Paper 7: “Global accumulation of capital and complex disasters-the case of Southern-Eastern Europe”

SESSION IV. Thursday 30.8/16:30-18:3 Disaster and Sociocultural changes other than those in the organization of civil protection
Paper 1: “Changing stereotypes after two major earthquakes in Turkey”
Paper 2: “The impact of the August-September 1999 earthquakes on Greco-Turkish Relations”
Paper 3:”Crisis and cultural change – the Buenos Aires blackout and Argentine democratization processes”

SESSION V. Friday 31.8/9:00-10:30 Disasters, Crisis and Accidents: New Challenges and Paradigms for Building Disaster-Resistant Communities
Paper 1: “Disaster management, community capability, resilience and vulnerability”
Paper 2: “Technological change and domestic emergency telecommunications: a constructive technology assessment”
Paper 3: “Social Phenomena and lessons from Chernobyl: 15 years after the catastrophe”
Paper 4: “To “serve and protect” or deserve to regret? a sequence of organizational failures leading to socio-technical disaster in the fire-fighting services of a transitional state”
Paper 5: “Social and Envirnonmental Consequences of the Nature Exploitation Strategy in Russia”
Discussion: Re-conceptualization of a disaster: from an emergency to a crisis theoretical framework

SESSION VI. Saturday 1.9/9:00-10:30 Disaster and Development: a vital connection
Contributed Paper: “Urban livelihoods and natural disasters”
Paper 1: “Continuum or contiguum? Development for vulnerability reduction”
Paper 2: “Whose agenda after hurricane Mitch? Potentials and pitfalls in linking relief and development”
Paper 3: “Risk perception, culture and communication: a South Asian experience”
Paper 4: “Bringing together disaster and development, concepts and practice: some experience from South Asia”
Discussant: Hanna Schmuck

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