Maxx Fitness Membership Agreement

This place is a [redacted] joke! I terminated my membership on 12/2017 and was charged for January. I called the Allentown website and spoke with an April, and she said that if you cancel, you can still calculate an additional 30 days so you can use the gym 30 days after the cancellation. I told him I had cancelled to move. I don`t need to use his gym for another 30 days. She said it was politics and I signed it. I told him that when I called to terminate my membership and was told that they could not do it over the phone and that they had to come. I walked in and saw a gentleman doing the “paper” on the computer, and I was terminated, I just had to sign. April said that what I signed was an agreement on an additional 30-day fee that was never told to me. I asked her to send me a copy of what I signed, and she said that in my contract, when I originally signed, that also appears. Here too, she can`t send me an email. Very pissed that you make me sign a contract and that you had all these files for money, but you can not provide me with a copy of my cancellation. I said I didn`t have to pay for another month if I wasn`t gone and wanted a loan. She couldn`t either.

What can they do? Never come back and broadcast the news about your “political” bs and cancellation contract. Don`t go to Quakertown Maxx Fitness. You steal your money, your customer service is horrible! Their cancellation policies are not only unethical, but also fraudulent! and their employees are incompetent and poorly trained! I signed up for the platinum contract for my husband and for me at the new Quakertown Maxx Fitness Club, and I had an appointment with a coach at noon, but on the way home, my husband and I decided it didn`t fit our family well, and I called Maxx Fitness in Quakertown and cancelled my appointment and membership (within about 2 hours after joining), who was told I had to personally go and sign a resignation form. I asked the employee if there was a time limit to punish me if I hadn`t cancelled by then, and she said, “No, you can come in at any time” I told her I would work the weekend and I couldn`t leave until after Saturday, and her answer was”good.” I went today in the cancellation form to sign and to my astonishment both the manager and his boss Alex, refusing to waive the purchase costs, although they agreed that their employee was incompetent and that “she gave the false information to be reprimanded” I was beaten with a $58.00 tax for cancellation, although legally the employee`s word replaced the political agreement I had signed.

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