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Robert BeckettSaudi ArabiaTechnological disasters: response planning and mitigation; cultural differences in the perception and response to emergencies and disasters;effective organisational preparation for disaster management; conflict management.

Name Country Interests
Zeynep Selin Acar Turkey conflict-prevention, humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect
Alfredo Agustoni Italy
Mat Aini Malaysia Man-made disasters; public inquiry process; disaster preparedness and response.
Nasser Al-Asiry Saudi Arabia organizational response to disasters; methods of disasters research; collective behavior
David Alexander Italy Emergency Planning and Management
Paula Almeida Brazil Sociology of disaster, emergency management and social capital and disaster.
Lynne Alice New Zealand Kosovo crisis
Alex Altshuler Israel
Mohamad Alzaghal Jordan I hold another master degree in Systems Engineering with focus on emergency communication disaster response; my thesis titled: analysis of Jordan’s Proposed Emergency Communication Interoperability Plan (JECIP) for Disaster Response.
Nina Blom Andersen Denmark Disaster/social crisis communication, risk communication, warnings, post- disaster communication.
Tran Tuan Anh Vietnam Post-disaster housing reconstruction, disaster risk reduction and response, housing resilience, and community engagement.
Silje Andresen Norway Climate change, natural hazards, political ecology, resilience, and environmental policies
Talip Arbel Israel Research Project Coordinator: Modern Catastrophes; Humanitarian action and Globalization processes
Ali Ardalan Iran Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Based Disaster Risk Management, and Disaster Epidemiology.
Ana Arzoumanian Argentina Genocide. Diaspora and armenian genocide
Tibor Assheuer Austria Handling climate change in developing countries.
Golrokh Atighechian Iran Community-based disaster management, Disaster management and risk reduction, Disaster risk assessment, Pre-hospital and hospital disaster planning, Incident management system, and ICS.
Javad Babaie Iran Disaster metrics, Floods, and Flash floods.
Balgovind Baboo India 1.Man-made disaster:development induced displacement and rehabilitation of affected population. 2.Droughts (both natural and man-made)
Klas Backholm Finland Psychotraumatology in general, psychological stress reactions in occupational groups working with crises and the role of the media in crises
Murat Balamir Turkey
Dionyssis Balourdos Greece
Suniti Bandaranaike Australia Tsunami and resettlement issues in Sri Lanka.
Berna Baradan Social effects of homelessness caused by natural disasters
Christian Barbero Bolivia
Allen Barton USA
Maryam Marani Barzani Malaysia Hazard and disaster management
Seumas Bates UK The lived experience of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill and its effect on a southern Louisianan community called Plaquemines Parish.
Zohra Ismail Beben USA Disaster, Risk, Natural Resource Use, Central Asia, Tajikistan
Per Becker Sweden sustainability and social change, of what makes society resilient to disturbances, disruptions and disasters
Daniel Beech UK Hazard and Risk Networking, Science and Technology Studies, Social Constructivism, Volcanic Hazards, Social Media Use
Maria de Lourdes Beldi de Alcantara Brazil
Silke Betscher Germany transculturalism and participation
Zeynep Bengü Turkey Disaster sociology, risk society and women in disasters.
Christine Bevc USA
Rajiv Bhatt India International economics, public economy and demography.
Sohinee Bhattacharya UK
Armar Biswas India Social Crises in India
Eva Angelyna Bogdan Canada public participation in social/environmental impact assessment, food, agriculture, environment
Karyn Bosomworth Australia Disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and public policy.
Leo Bourcart France
Chadd Briggs USA Post-conflict environmental health; Balkans Region.
Dee Britton USA Memory and disasters; mass violence.
Philip Buckle Australia resilience and vulnerability assessment; disaster recovery; community development; community capability building; disasters and development; links between social life; environment; infrastructure; economic life and politics
Setio Budi Indonesia Crisis management; crisis communication in corporations and disaster management
Andrew Butler Sweden Post forest fire recovery related to identity and landscape
Catherine Butler UK public engagement with socio-environmental issues, social practice, consumption and environmental sustainability and energy system transitions at different scales
Christian Carson Australia Social and moral construction of preparedness and response to catastrophic disaster. Social scaffolding used by communities recovering from disasters. Provision of effective warning of rapid onset disasters.
Kit W.G. Carson Australia Recovery program evaluation; disasters and white-collar crime; disaster analysis and sociological theory
Antonella Cavallo Australia Building disaster resilience, complex risk management, and systems thinking.
Laura Centemeri Italy
Patrick Chaskiel France Industrial hazards
Yung-Fang Chen UK Flood management, training exercises for emergency response, serious games, risk communication and perception.
Edward Cherrie Scotland Response to emergencies/major incidents; close work with Police FLO’s and drawing up of joint emergency training programs. He is responsible for social work emergency planning and the Lanarhsire Major Incident Support.
Sorin Cheval Romania climatic risk perception
Tracey Coates UK How constructions of local community; when lived out in specific spatial contexts; shape local collective responses to flooding. I am looking at both residents and flood professionals discourses of community and how these (and their interaction) can affect social responses to flooding.
Ludvina Colbeau-Justin France disaster management, risk perception, natural hazards, coping strategies
Cristian Costa Italy
Grant Coultman-Smith Australia Emergency management; municipal emergency response; consultation to industry on emergency and risk management; special interest in disaster psychology (victims and emergency workers); personal and social recovery from disaster or trauma.
Colin Cremin New Zealand
Wayne Crosby Canada
Erna Danielsson Sweden
Debra J. Davidson Canada
Hugh Deeming UK Community resilience to natural hazards
Serdar Degirmencioglu Turkey Community response to disasters; post-disaster volunteering; post-traumatic growth.
Alyne Delaney Denmark Anthropology of Disaster, social organization, community vulnerability, social resilience, disaster policy impacts on local cultures and community, community revitalization, Disasters of 3.11 (Great East Japan earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima, and damage by rumours) and coastal communities.
Joseph Deville UK Sociology of disaster, preparedness, and risk.
Will den Hoonaard Canada
Daniel de Vries Netherlands Flooding, History & Memory, and Temporal Vulnerability.
Aliou Dia Senegal Floods.
Wolf Dombrowsky Germany
Jochen Dreher Germany
Swarup Dulta India Disaster management and man-made hazards.
Eelco Dykstra Finland information; Communication; Coordination; System Management
Russel Dynes USA
Elena Dzagnidze Germany
Servet Ebrinc Turkey stress workers earthquakes or disasters; stress and adjustment disorders raw recruits soldie
Christine Eriksen Australia Disaster resilience, gender, wildfire, indigenous and local environmental knowledge, and risk engagement.
Peter Erwood Canada
David Evans Wales Planning statutory social care and counseling services; multi-agency training for social care; welfare and counseling services
Guðný Björk Eydal Iceland care policies, social services, poverty, crisis management and child policies
Anne Eyre Disaster Management and Studies; Disaster action groups; post-trauma stress; UK disasters; religion and disasters; psycho-social support following disasters.
Adi Fahrudin Malaysia 1.Disaster social work; 2.Crisis intervention; 3.Psychological distress; 4.Traumatic stress (PTSD) aftermath of disaster; 5.Disaster mental health
Manuela Farinosi Italy Grassroots communication and social media use during natural disasters.
Robert Fink Yellowstone Nationalpark; Japan Earthquakes
Henry Fischer USA
Courtney Flint USA Community response to risk and disaster; community risk perception; and public participation in natural resource management-risk mitigation-disaster preparedness.
Maureen Fordham UK Gender; race and class. Vulnerability in disasters. Participatory approaches in disaster planning and management. Environmental justice.
Joanna Forester USA Disaster behavioral health, disaster preparedness and response for persons with functional and access needs.
Ibirinde Francis Nigeria Poverty related disaster and ethnic crisis management awareness.
Bibhuti Gadnayak India Disaster Management in Crises Conditions.
Fernando Gamboa Mexico Social construction of risk. Climate perception. Adaptability and resilience.
G. P. Ganapathy India Disaster Mitigation and Management, Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Mihaela Gavrila Italy
Elke Geenen Germany Disaster theory; rapid social change; vulnerability and resilience; earthquakes; strangers and minorities in disasters; risk awareness; technology assessment; gender and class relations in disasters; religious and magic beliefs in disasters; links between culture and disaster; disaster culture
Dimitrios Geomilas Greece Poverty and public administration.
Fauza Binti Abdul Ghaffar Malaysia
Trude Gjernes Norway
Gordon Gow Canada
Lotta Granbom Sweden The Tsunami Impact in Thailand on the “Sea Nomads” Urak Lawoi’s Social and Cultural Lifestyle.
Maria Grasso UK Political sociology, social movements, political participation, social change and empirical political research
Lina Gregersdotter Sweden
Christiane Grinda Germany Social construction of concepts like risk, development and resilience
Jelena Grujić Serbia Sociology of Conflict, Transition Processes, Social Pathology, and Criminology.
Elena Gryzunova Russia Crisis communication as counterterrorism, citizen voluntary participation in disaster management, crisis informatics, and new forms of crisis management in the digital age.
Kailash Gupta USA Disaster Management Research.
Yelta Gurter Australia Crisis management; disaster recovery; community resilience; capacity building; NGOs.
Frida Güiza Mexico
Christine Hagar USA information needs and information seeking in crises; disaster health related information; roles for libraries in crisis preparedness and recovery, and education and training programs in crisis information management
Alireza Hajiuni Iran Natural disasters, complex emergencies, and nuclear emergencies.
Erica Hallebone Australia
Tim Harries UK Social and psychological factors underlying household responses to flood-risk.
Klaus Hartmann Germany
Linda Haynes USA Education/preparedness/response in collegiate education; current focus on learn and serve models.
Marcos Gonzalez Hernando UK
Thea Hilhorst Netherlands
Kathleen Hollingsworth USA Sociology of disasters particularly how language affects perception and shapes mental models (thinking). Psychosocial aspects of communities affected by terrorist threat and/or events.
Darwin Horning Canada Resilience and disaster management, urban/regional climate change planning, social research and water governance.
Hannu Hänninen Finland Organizational and technological failures, risk regulation and work place safety.
Vincent Ialenti USA/Finland Nuclear waste management, energy security, temporality, risk governance, disaster prevention, and philosophy and theology of “eternity”.
Katerina Iliou Greece
Valerie Ingham Australia The somatic and aesthetic awareness of incident controllers in time pressured decision making, perceptions of risk and resilience in Bangladeshi and Australian communities, flooding, and the tertiary education of emergency managers.
Syed ul Islam Bangladesh Planning and preparedness for earthquake impact on multi-story buildings; urban infrastructure; earthquake mitigation and crisis management.
Dzulkarnaen Ismail Malaysia Post-disaster reconstruction and project management for reconstruction and rehabilitation works.
Dawn James USA Interests: Development of curriculum raining for nurses; assessment of current preparedness of Colorado and U.S.
Rohit Jigyasu Norway
Roine Johansson Sweden All kinds of organizational aspects of disaster and crisis management.
David Johnson USA Community vulnerability, decision support technology and applied modeling/simulation and incident management
Abdul Jufry Bangladesh Work for extreme poor.
Sibel Kalaycıoğlu Turkey Social inequality, class and mobility, sociology of migration and the migrants, social Networks, intergenerational relations, sociology of work, political sociology, sociology of ageing and youth, health, dynamics of poverty, precarity and social exclusion-inclusion
Ahmad Kamal India Disaster management planning and bureaucratic response to disaster management
Naim Kapucu USA Decision making under uncertainty; network relationships after disasters; volunteer organizations and disaster policy.
Atia Ali Kazmi Pakistan Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction, and Development
Ilan Kelman Norway Island vulnerability; resilience; and sustainability.
Zelimir Kesetoviâ Serbia Crisis communications; crisis decision making; protection of critical infrastructures
Avi Kirschenbaum Israel Organizational Analysis; Non-Conventional Disasters;Terrorism; Evacuation Processes; Risk Analysis; Community Studies; Preparedness.
Max Koch Northern Ireland Environmental disasters and social impact analysis
Timo Kopomaa Finland
Talip Kucukcan Turkey natural disasters and religion; role of religious beliefs and rituals in coping with the effects of disasters. Attribution process and religion in the face of events out of one’s control. Civil organizations and social peace.
Binod Kumar India Disaster Law and Community Resilience
Fatma Kumbetoglu Turkey Gender and Aftermath of Disasters
Margret Kusenbach USA Hurricanes;tornadoes; disaster preparedness (vulnerability);evacuation issues; mobile homes.
Linda Kvarnlöf Sweden
Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen Finland
Kathrin Leitner Austria Currently engaged in a doctoral thesis (Social and Cultural Anthropology) with a special interest in catastrophe/disaster perception and resolution strategies. She is interested in the relevant literature with a focus on local knowledge/perception.
Marko Lesukat Kenya Drought cycle management; community managed disaster risk reduction; resilience and vulnerability assessment and analysis; role of the media in disaster risk reduction; slow onset disasters; disaster recovery; community development; community capability building; disasters and development;social-political influence in disaster management; environmental impact assessment; interactions between livestock grazing and ecosystem functions.
Jenny Lindholm Finland Focusing events and demands for policy change.
Sharon Link Israel Social networks; adaptation; information flows; community; preparedness
Hotze Lont Netherlands Consequences of the social; political and economic crisis in Indonesia; coping strategies; experience of the crisis; historical analysis; social transformation; winners and losers; comparative issues.
Daniel F. Lorenz Germany Sociological Theory of Disaster, Social Vulnerability and Resilience, Human Behavior
Xiaoli Lu Netherlands Evacuation; decision making; managing uncertainty
Barbara Lucini Italy Crisis management, risk perception, community approach, civic protection systems, civic dependence, vulnerability and resilience.
Peter Ludes Germany
Aymeric Luneau France
Graham Marsh Australia Teaching in the risk/crisis management field; The place of ‘the Community’ in the development of risk management and community recovery strategies; vulnerability & resilience and disasters; The sociology of disasters
Piotr Matczak Poland natural disasters; local consequences of global change; risk analysis
Steven Mather Canada
Simon McCarthy UK Social issues of flooding including the construction of risk; expert and public risk communication and governance.Research currently focused on the UK. Research sites: and
Tony McAleavy UK Disasters, emergency management, communication, interoperability, leadership, metaphor and organizations.
Jose Mendes Portugal Public Participation; Community Resilience; Prevention Public Policies
Ahoura Meskinazarian UK social resilience and root causes of the social vulnerability in post-disaster period
Asimina Michailidou Norway
DeMond Miller USA environmental sociology (disaster studies and the study of the social construction of place), community development and community organizing, and social impact assessment
Hamed Mohammadi Iran Disasters.
Seyed Abolfazl Mohammadi Iran Natural disaster management.
K Monnappa India Disaster preparedness; disaster management and disaster relief; in depth assessment of areas (Andaman & Nicobar Islands; Tamilnadu) affected by the Indonesian tsounami.
Douglas Moore Jr USA Public health
Keith Morgan
Meredith Moss USA Disaster science
Meziyet Mozakoglu Turkey Educational problems in recovery process
Ricardo Gaspar Muller Brazil
Olena Muradyan Ukraine
Rosemary Murphy Australia Gender; community and small business preparedness; psychosocial approach to disaster management.
Alinawaz Nanjee India All parameters of the disaster situation
Farrah Naz Pakistan Pursuing research for a M.Phil dissertation.
Uri-ben Nesher Israel Community emergency and disaster management.
Lindy Newlove-Eriksson Sweden Research on nuclear waste with special focus on policy transfer and advocacy coalitions; research on urban power failures and industrial accidents; application of organizational; institutional and cognitive-social psychological perspectives to anthropogenic disasters.
Hal Newman Canada Emergency health services–technical assessment of response capabilities; interface with the media during disasters; healthcare systems analysis.
Susan Nicholls Australia Community recovery; community resilience; use of communication to assist recovery; government communication; risk communication.
Tuija Nieminen Kristofersson Sweden Social and psychological support given by professionals and voluntary organizations; dissertation on the discotheque fire in 1998; project on vulnerability after the Gudrun storm and tsunami within the Frame Programme for Risk and Vulnerability Analysis (
Robinson Ocharo Kenya Hazard and vulnerability identification; mapping and risk reduction strategies. Community participation in disaster management.
Anna Olofsson Sweden
Laura Olson USA
Beatrice Omari Kenya Pursuing a PhD degree in Disaster Risk Reduction
Jens Opperman Australia Disaster preparedness, Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Risk Management, Disaster risk assessment, Education and training programs, Policy & governance, Climate change adaptation, Resilience and vulnerability assessments, Traumatic stress (PTSD), INGOs, and Indigenous knowledges.
Ezgi Orhan Turkey Business geography in disaster management, post-disaster urban planning, community resilience, politics of disaster risk reduction and disaster-related paradigms.
Ingibjörg Lilja Ómarsdóttir Iceland Crisis and psychological first aid
Alpaslan Ozerdem UK Politics of disaster management; social reconstruction after armed conflicts; settlement reconstruction after earthquakes; demobilisation and reintegration of former combatants
Shelley Pacholok Canada
Jing Pan China Disaster resilience, facility resilience, social networks in disaster resilience and information modeling for facility resilience.
Utkarsh Pandey India Financial and social aspects of Disaster
Mehul Pandya
Vedant Pandya India contributing to the development of the science of disaster management.
Majid Parishan Iran Hazard Management, Participation Plans, Rural and Urban Sustainability.
Sanjeev Peethala India Sociology of disasters; gender issues; methods of disaster research; organizational response.
Luigi Pellizzoni Italy
Ray Pena USA Emergency management is my profession. I’m always looking to improve my ability to serve.
Slobodan Pesic USA Emergency and Disaster Theory, Crisis Planning, Interagency Disaster Management, Crisis Communication, International Crisis Management, Business Continuity of Operations.
Maria Petraki Greece Local aspects of social economy, crisis and poverty
Nicholas Petropoulos Greece Comparative organization of disaster services; the social and psychological consequences of disaster predictions; and education; public information and disasters.
Luca Pezzullo Italy Risk perception; risk communication; disaster mental health.
Bob Pokrant Australia Interests:Coastal development in India and Bangladesh; Fishers; understanding of and adaptations to human-induced and natural disasters; post-tsunami rehabilitation and recovery in the Indian Ocean Region.
Boris Porfiriev Russia Disaster policy; disaster and emergency management and studies; crisis policy and management; study of crises.
Edward H. Powley USA Organizational resilience, organizational change and development and social impact of crises on organizations.
Henry Quarantellli USA
Cecile Quesada France Currently working on the knowledge; representations and practices concerning volcanic risk and eruptions in the Pacific (Kingdom of Tonga). Also studying the interactions between local populations and the agents that promote prevention and management policies among them; and the cultural causes of the failure of most of the natural disasters prevention projects.
Emmanuel Raju Denmark Disaster risk reduction, disaster governance, disaster response and recovery.
Parth Rajyaguru India Disaster management; search and rescue and emergency response.
Carmit Rapaport Israel Social networks; organizations
Valentin Rauer Germany
Sandrine Revet France Anthropology and sociology of “natural” disasters; humanitarian practices; catastrophes as processes and social constructions; the analysis of event in sociology and anthropology; disaster victims; strategies and organization; urgency rhetoric and practices (pensee de urgence); social violence within “natural” disasters; commemorations; memory; construction of the sense of disaster; Venezuela (Vargas); Katrina. Visit also:
Juan-Andres Rincon Mexico Crisis Communication as Care Giving, Crisis Committee Training and Development, and Trauma Communication.
Ken Roberts UK
Benjam¡n Rodr¡guez Spain Risk Communication to population; Building indicators and analyzers to measure the consequences of catastrophes; Research techniques applied to emergency situations; Public opinion pools related to nuclear energy.
Israel Rodríguez-Giralt Catalonia Disasters and public participation, social and political activism in disasters situations and technical democracy and disasters
Sverre Roeed-Larsen Norway Risk society; social crisis/disasters and change; injury prevention/safety promotion; accident investigation; training; crisis management and communication; security and terrorism.
Adam Rostis Canada Adam Rostis has been working for the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office (EMO) since 2003 on disaster management issues. Before joining EMO; he was a regional delegate with the International Federation of the Red Cross in Harare; Zimbabwe from 1999 to 2003. His work with the Red Cross helped develop capacity to use information technology for disaster preparedness. He is a candidate in the Doctor of Management program at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax; Nova Scotia and his research interests include disaster management and organizational behaviour.
Manolis Rozakis Greece Disaster sociology; emergency response systems; politics of risk and hazards
Florence Rudolf France
Eduardo Runte France Emergency preparedness; industrial safety; social phenomenology
Rosemarie Sackmann Germany
Usuf Sahin Turkey disaster planning and management
Dikaios Sakellariou UK Interaction of vulnerabilities with triggering agents. Social; cultural and political context of disasters
Amir Salari Iran Disaster Health Care Management, Disaster Evaluation and Metrics, Disaster Education and Exercise, Man Made Disasters, and Disaster Nursing.
Khairulmaini Salleh Malaysia Environmental Hazards; Risk and the Urban Poor
Guilherme Santana
Elvira Santiago Gómez Spain Social policy, science, technology, environmental politics and citizen participation
Jose dos Santos Portugal As an anthropologist and sociologist; teaching Sociology in a Military Institution of Higher Education; I currently work with a group of French Colleagues (Phil.; Artif. Intell.; Law) on a Project with theoretical concerns; called “Crisis; Conflict; Transaction”. The idea is to develop a set of conceptual tools for analysing and possibly build grounded models of the social; institutional; technical; and cognitive aspects of these situations.
Venetia Santos Brazil
Jennifer Santos-Hernandez USA Vulnerability to natural hazards; risk communication; mass media and emergency management; GIS; social structure and disasters.
Nikos Sarris Greece
Yuriy Sayenko Ukraine
Jon Schauble Australia
Hanna Schmuck Germany Comparative studies on disasters; indigenous knowledge and coping strategies; disasters in development countries; especially Bangladesh; participative approaches for crises prevention and disaster management.
Suman Sensarma
Naeem Shahid Pakistan International Security; Human and Critical Infrastructure Security; Counter-terrorism.
Antti Silvast Finland Infrastructures, energy, and risk; Science and Technology Studies; research methods.
Gary Silver A serving member of the Disaster Management Team; National Crime and Operations Faculty (British Police)
Mathieu Simard UK
Peter Simmons UK
Gyaneshwar Singh India DRR, CCA, Food Security, Livelihood Promotion, and Poverty Eradication and Governance.
Dennis Smith UK The dynamics of displacement, historical sociology, urban sociology, and social theory
Martin Soekefeld Switzerland Pakistan and earthquakes.
Katarina Soltesova UK Community-based disaster risk reduction, social networks, participatory urban development
Jorgen Sparf Sweden Societal establishment of emerging risks; torrents of information and communication between significant actors.
Kim Spurway Australia Rationality, knowledge and decision; Humanitarian emergencies, conflict and post-conflict; Disaster management and policy theory.
Robert Stallings USA Sociological theory and the contribution of the study of disaster to it; social construction of risk; symbolic aspects of public policy-making regarding risk and disaster.
Irina Stanciugelu Romania
Pal Tamas Hungary
Arzu Taylan Turkey
Ariadna Rodríguez Teijeiro Spain
Binali Tercan Turkey Disaster Management, Post Disaster Relocation and Resettlement, Post Disaster Site Selection, and Rural Planning
Reshmi Theckethil USA Dynamics of decision making processes at the onset of a disaster and its implications on the built environment and social relationships
Matthew Thompson Australia Masters in Community Development (Emergency Management) with Southern Cross University, Australia.
Joseph Trainor USA Organizations and institutions; social networks.
Jennifer Trivedi USA Disaster Recovery, Inequality, Media Portrayals of Disasters, Disaster Preparedness, Government Approaches to Disasters
Charalambos Tsekeris Greece
Joanna Tsiganou Greece Gender inequalities, social aspects of crime, discourses on power
John Twigg UK Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).
Susann Ullberg Sweden The anthropology of disaster and crisis; crises and social memory
Inci User Turkey
Cloe Vallette France
Andréa Vermeer Germany Methods of conflict regulation, intercultural mediation, democratisation processes, peace building, formation of normative orders, attitude change, persuasion in society, empirical qualitative methods
Sergio Visacovsky Argentina Economic and Social Crises: Cultural Reactions and Experiences (how people manage and give experience to economic and social crises)
Maria Vitkovskaya Russia
Martin Voss Germany Interests:Theory; development context; disasters and globalization.
Vera Vratusa Serbia Participation and self-management as prevention; mitigation; reconstruction and development strategy in social crisis and mass emergency situations.
Andrea Wai Yee Hong Kong Environment and public health; BCP; crisis management; regulatory issues; causes of crisis and disasters; corporate governance and ethics
Phantus Wambiya Kenya Disaster communication, Environmental sociology, and water and sanitation.
Jieh-Jiuh Wang USA disaster management policy; resilient cities and social vulnerability.
Migguo Wang China emergency management;citizen trust;and social support.
Xinheng Wang UK Social media for disaster management
Juergen Weichselgartner USA Natural disasters; vulnerability.
Peter Weiske Australia Complex Emergencies, Complex Political Emergencies, Disaster Management, UN consultancy – National DRR – International Cooperation, Joint Response Operations, and Future of Humanity Research.
Hadas Weiss Israel / Finland Credit/debt, value, insurance, and social security.
Scott Welch USA Military responses to disasters (first responders). History of disasters. Multi-national and and multi-organizational responses (esp. in relation to command and cooperation).
Anke Wellman Germany Public policy, patterns of risk perception concerning natural hazards and the subsequent influence on behaviour in crisis situations
Dennis Wenger USA Analysis of organizational and community mitigation; preparedness and recovery issues. Multi-disciplinary research on disasters; including that which bridges the social science and engineering communities.
Andry Widyowijatnoko Indonesia Emergency shelter and housing; disaster relief; disaster prevention strategies; in Indonesia; especially in Aceh
Andrea Volterrani Italy Social communication, social economy, crisis communication and voluntary action, and the social added value of voluntary organization in disasters.
Charles Woolfson Sweden Global economic crisis, austerity, conflict in post-communist societies, non-environmental disasters, industrial relations conflict
Katherino Worboys USA Lessons learned (from Disasters and Crises).
Oleg Yanitsky Russia
Mohammad Yarmohammadian Iran Health Services and Organizations in Disaster, Disaster and Contingency Planning, Safe community and organizations.
Engin Yildrim Turkey social construction of earthquakes; politics of post disaster policies
Berat Yolda
Musa Yusupov Chechnya
Hahou Yyoussef Morocco earthquakes; floods
Ali Tolga Özden Turkey Disaster Risk Reduction, Building Inspection, Building Codes, and Architectural Design.

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