Reinz Sale And Purchase Agreement Guide

A conditional agreement means that the sales contract has one or more conditions that must be met on a specified date. There was a time when the sale and purchase of residential real estate was dealt with on a simple unilateral document. The document was concise, simple and easy to understand and, above all, legal and binding. Those in the real estate sector who can remember this form of documentation explain that the unilateral agreement met the requirements of the time when there were fewer litigations and fewer legal interventions than today. However, changes are inevitable and we are now working with an agreement approaching 20 pages! The sales contract may contain a date of ownership that may differ from the billing date, z.B. if the property is leased. If the property is leased, this should be stipulated in the purchase and purchase agreement. We publish two important guides for buyers and sellers of residential real estate – the guide to agency contracts and the sales and sales guide. (These guides have previously been designated as approved guides.) They must provide a copy of the guide to buyers and sellers before signing an agency contract or sales contract. We have also developed a new guide for buyers on buying the home so that you distribute it in open houses.

Construction report: the latest agreement allows for 15 working days for a construction report. This may seem too long, and it is obvious that a less negotiated period (provided it is realistic) would likely improve the attractiveness of an offer. The construction report must be carried out by a properly qualified construction inspector and be written. The inspector cannot perform invasive tests without the written consent of the owner. The landlord must give the inspector proper access (subject to tenants` rights). If the agreement is terminated on the basis of a negative building report, a copy of that report must be provided to the owner (seller) upon request. We work with our printing and distribution partner Bluestar on the travel guide to purchase. They are taken to their gate when ordering. In order to support consumer protection and ensure that you have the information you need before buying or selling real estate, two approved guides have been developed by the real estate agency.

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