Supplemental Agreement Bursa Announcement

(c) for all costs incurred by the customer, plus the reimbursement rate plus 2% of the staggered percentage of the type of cost, as long as this is applicable in the contract. In order to avoid doubts, no agency charge is due if the refund is made by the customer at a fee. MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM BERHAD (“MAS” OR “COMPANY”) (I) SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT TO THE COLLABORATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE COMPANY, AIRASIA BERHAD (AIRASIA) AND AIRASIA X SDN BHD (“AAX”) (“ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT”); (II) NEW MEMORANDUMS OF AGREEMENT WITH AIRASIA AND AAX (“SOFT”); AND (III) TERMINATION OF THE PROPOSED WARRANTS EXCHANGE EXERCISE WITH AIRASIA (“PROPOSED WARRANTS EXCHANGE”). 1. The notice of entry is sts announcement of August 9, 2011 regarding collabororation agreement and announcements of August 9, 2011. August 2011, 21 Octo 2011, November 4, 2011 and January 4, 2012 with respect to on the proposal of warrants Exchange (“collective announcements”). Unless otherwise stated or must have the same meaning as the abbreviations defined in the aforementioned ads. 1.1 Complementary agreement and agreement On behalf of MAS we would like add that the company bis to 2 May 2012: (i) in as endorsement modifies the terms and scope of the collabor agreement; and (ii) in accordance with the of the endorsement, MAS, in to memorandums of understanding, with regard to: a) conintent the creation of the joint venture by MAS; AirAsia and AAX in ort and repair services “MOU 1” maintenance of aircraft components; and (b) um the for the proposal to create a target group (“SPV”) by MAS, AirAsia and AAX improve improve value Improve money and increase the competitiveness and benefits custoMer, through outsourcing SPV, for procurement processes products and services identified in agreed categories. Details of the endorsement and CEE are provided below. 1.2 Warrants Exchange proposed In addition, the Company received a letter dated April 30, 2012 from Khazanah and Tune Air, Major shareholders maS and AirAsia, in which they stated that they had agreed to terminate the prior Share Swap.

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